Last Update : 4th May 2013.  Completed weeks 83 & 85.  This completes the model

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The completed model


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I have a web site which covers all part work models released in the UK.  There is a community of modellers who like the partwork style, and I have created this web site as a portal to bring them together.   As the site covers all partworks, the models, modellers and forum will survive from build to build, rather than finishing with one project, and then starting from scratch when a new one comes along.

There is a forum attached to the new web site at  It's a great place to compare notes, admire other people's work, and show off your own work.

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3rd Dec 2012.  Started week 83. Completed week 84.
28th Oct 2012.  Completed weeks 79 to 82.
27th Sep 2012.  Completed weeks 75 to 78.
20th Aug 2012.  Completed weeks 71 to 74.
25th Jul 2012.  Completed weeks 66 to 70.
18th Jun 2012.  Completed weeks 63 to 65.
14th Jun 2012.  Completed weeks 61 & 62.
17th May 2012.  Completed weeks 58 to 60.
5th May 2012.  Completed weeks 53 to 57.
7th Apr 2012.  Completed weeks 51 & 52 and part of 47.
2nd Apr 2012.  Completed weeks 49 & 50
21st Feb 2012.  Completed weeks 45, 46 & 48
4th Feb 2012.  Completed up to week 44
1st Jan 2012.  Completed up to week 39
20th Nov 2011.  Completed up to week 35
31st Oct 2011.  Completed up to week 31
2nd Oct 2011.  Completed up to week 25
1st Oct 2011.  Completed up to week 20
30th Sept 2011.  Web site published

Build your own McLaren is a magazine published by De Agostini.  It's a weekly magazine, with the main aim being to complete a 1/8 scale model of the Lewis Hamilton's 2008 car, which will take 85 issues. 

Please note that this site has no connection with De Agostini.

If anybody has any suggestions, please drop me an Email.  If anybody has any photos that they would like me to consider publishing on this site I would like to hear from them.  Pictures of Models are particularly welcome.

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